Hi there! This is a self-portrait with my faithful model Ziki.

I'd love to help you keep your memories alive!

As a child, my mother would say, “use your seeing eye”. This was the beginning of a lifelong appreciation of the visual world and my own need to create. My love for dogs and horses began at the same time.

I am an African nomad born in Zimbabwe. I have lived in Gaborone, Blantyre then back to Botswana in Francistown, then high school and college in Durban, JHB, London, Cape Town, Betty’s Bay and back to CT.

Newspaper Photographer was my first job but since then I have done fish packing in Iceland, worked in a co-operative bakery in London, done T-shirt printing, catering and bakery owner in Cape Town and Coffee Shop owner and accommodation business in Betty’s Bay. 

I’ve been learning digital photography and post processing through the Internet.
I love computer processing of images much more than the film darkroom.

I felt the need to define my own style, Dogs/pets and sofas just seem to go together. I like to build from the original digital image into whatever inspires me - like a painter I add to the photograph colours, textures and techniques until the image satisfies me.

The idea to do Pet photography began on walks with my beloved Africanis companion Ziki and my iPhone. My favourite walk is along the river up to the Silvermine reservoir for a swim.

My aim is to create images that can be printed to at least A2. 

Most days you can find me hunched over my computer trying to remember to sit up straight. When I'm not there you can find me walking my dog, taking photographs and doing a bit of Yoga or Tai Chi.

I like to give back and have recently started volunteering with Life Matters, an affiliate of Shine Literacy . The idea that I can try and help a young person begin their journey through life with a love of reading really feels important. 

Once a week I help at SARDA and find it very satisfying to help disabled children get some exercise which is often missing in their lives. Of course the horses are great to work with, they are such patient helpers.

So hopefully my images have inspired you to get that loyal four-legger of yours captured for lifelong enjoyment. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for your time.

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